Serving St. George and Surrounding Areas: Our brand is TRUST!


Serving St. George and Surrounding Areas: Our brand is TRUST!

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning & Protection

We offer quality residential and commercial professional carpet cleaning services.

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning

Occasionally tile floors can lose their radiance and sheen. We can bring back that shine with our professional equipment and solution that is safe for pets and children.

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer quality residential and commercial professional upholstery cleaning services.

Automobile Interior Cleaning

We can clean your upholstery, carpet, floor mats, and headliners in your vehicle.

Mattress Cleaning

Deep clean, refresh, and refurbish your mattress. Sleep better knowing you have a clean mattress.


And More...

We do dryer vents, spot treating and removal, urine treatment, garage/concrete flooring, and many others. Just ask about out services!


Servicing Since 2009

The team at Germ Warfare Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, stands behind the company’s founding principles of quality service, integrity of character, devotion to customers, and trustworthiness. Germ Warfare is a locally owned, family-operated company with over 20 years of experience in the field! Our customers, both current and future, will continue to appreciate the expertise and excellent quality and care that they have come to love.

St. George Carpet Cleaning
Southern Utah Carpet Cleaning

The Most Effective In Carpet Cleaning

Clean. Safe. Efficient.

We utilize the extremely powerful HydraMaster 4.8 Salsa truck-mount system. This unit specializes in providing powerful, reliable cleaning by capitalizing upon the power produced by a V-8 engine! The Salsa system on our unit is the hottest blower heat exchanger on the market and produces working temperatures as high as 235°F. What this means for customers…we are able to provide the deepest cleaning possible and extract efficiently, thoroughly, and effectively.

Searching for amazing customer service and the absolute highest quality in cleaning? Give us a call!

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Carpet Cleaning


 by Shelley Keele

I had my carpets cleaned by Germ Warfare just a few days ago. Not only did he get the spots (cat urine specifically) completely clean, but my house smells so fresh. They dried quickly and looked almost new again. If you're looking for an honest hard working business to do your carpets and furnishings, I would highly recommend hiring them. I will definitely be using them again.

 by Janet Trumbull

Very professional, great customer service, and did a beautiful job on a very filthy floor. I had pet stains that I couldn’t get up even after using my carpet cleaner, but after Germ Warfare was done with it, every stain was gone! I highly recommend them, they even paid special attention to some other problem spots and they’re gone as well. I will be using them again!

 by Meg Ankeny

I have used Germ Warfare for many years because they are reliable, professional, and very reasonably priced. Also, our household has allergies and reactions to chemical smells and I have never had a problem with their cleaning products. P.S. This is a voluntary review.

 by Michael Meadows

As a Realtor an Property Manager for several years in several states, these guys hit the mark, honest, reliable and fantastic at what they do. We have worked with them for over 8 years, not once have they ever let’s us down. Quite frankly we don’t now how they do it. This is an honest accurate review.
Michael, Boise

So...when you write review of someone, the goal is to help others decide on a specific direction they should take with a product or service. Well, it's Saturday afternoon, July 4th weekend and we just arrived at our new residence where the carpets hadn't been cleaned, as promised, by the previous tenants. We're moving stuff, we are exhausted and are about to scrub a clean spot on the hard-surface living room floor to toss the beds down for the night. I get on Google and start calling around. Again, it’s a Saturday and no one answers their phones. On my third try, I call Germ Warfare Carpet Cleaning and a super nice woman answers the phone. I tell her my situation and she turns around and says she'll have a tech at my house in 2 hours to do the work. Sure enough... the guys show up and knock out the job as promised. The job was great!! The equipment was state-of-the-art, and the lead tech was a veteran of our military for 17 years!! Now for the money part…In a couple words all I can say was I was completely embarrassed. These guys show up on a Saturday, on essentially a moment’s notice, work for two hours (including me asking a bunch of dumb questions), and charged me less than I was quoted on the phone. In situations like this, a normal guy wants to pay more, right? Needless to say, I found myself underpaying for fantastic service! All this to say that Germ Warfare not only stepped up to the plate... SAME DAY and for LESS THAN WAS QUOTED, they also did a first-rate job! So...when you write review of someone, the goal is to help others decide on a specific direction they should take with a product or service…I can tell you from my perspective that I chose the right company by complete chance and will never need to look for a another carpet cleaning service in the Treasure Valley again!

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